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Dec. 3, 2010 - Holy Naconess masters of the Guacarock Botellita de Jerez return to LA

Holy Naconess masters of the Guacarock Botellita de Jerez return to LA

Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles. Thursday December 2, 2010. - Holy ‘naconess’, masters of the ‘Guacarock’,  Mexican rock legends Botellita de Jerez return to Southern California performing two special shows.

Film Trailer “Naco Es Chido”

Botellita de Jerez was foundedby Francisco “Mastuerzo” Barrios (drums), Sergio “Uyuyuy” Arau (guitar), and Armando “Cucurrucucu” Vega-Gil (bass) in the eighties, with an irreverent attitude and unique barrio-meets-rock music. One of the first Rock en Español bands to be signed to a major record label, Botellita de Jerez defies all musical genres is festive and irrevent musical fusion, celebrating the culture of the ‘nacos’ and integrating sketches and ‘albures’ in its lyrics and concerts. A style, a simple and direct form of rock, that was combined with lyrics with a good dose of satire that portrayed the routine character of the urban life in Mexico City and elements of their popular culture.

The name Botellita de Jerez derives from a Mexican saying to defend oneself from a mean statement from someone. You say ‘Botellita de Jerez todo lo que me digas, sera alreves” …loosely translated English idiom ‘I’m rubber, your ‘glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you”. Meaning you revert the insult to other.

Their popular call out to musical arms .. “Todo Lo Naco Es Chido” translates to all naco is cool, re-vindication the popular culture of the lower socio-economic classes. Botellita de Jerez pioneered trends of the contemporary art of Mexico and United States, by incorporating motifs from the popular use as the lucha libre, popular dances and slang.

Botellita de Jerez - Nacho es ChidoAbout the film “Naco Es Chido”:
The film “Naco es Chido” is the brainchild of Sergio and Yareli Arau, a mockumentary on the epic return of Botellita de Jerez.  Directed by Sergio Arau,the film tells the story of Botellita de Jerez, who disappeared along with their new record after a fist fight. 20 years later, the infamous missing recordings are found in a junk yard, prompting an investigation in search of the band’s founders. What happens when the plot that caused the group’s disintegration threatens to take them down again?

Botellita de Jerez’s guitarist Sergio Arau is a multi-talented artist - a cartoonist, painter, musician, and filmmaker, who directed the movie A Day Without A Mexican and won an MTV award for Best Rock Video for directing Cafe Tacuba’s “Alarma de Tos” video, a song composed by him. He is the son of Mexican filmmaker and actor Alfonso Arau, of Three Amigos and Like Water for Chocolate fame.

About Mucho Music:
Mucho Music( held every {Wednesday} at La Cita Bar in Downtown Los Angeles, is the most recognized hip - grass roots celebration of Latin alternative music in the city, becoming a home destination and safe haven for some of the most celebrated, new and established faces in the Latin/Bilingual alternative movement. (

Through a light hearted-fun filled celebration of Latin Pop a night at Mucho Wednesdays’ bridges the gap between classic nostalgic Pop to the very latest sounds emanating from most interesting Latin recording artists, locally, nationally and internationally, thanks to its resident DJs’ Frank Leopold, Noir, Pitxu, and Pajaro, with their latest handpicked selections or own personal remixes.  Now in its third year, the infectious sounds of the MUCHO brand and its resident DJs has expanded to include Mucho nights in San Francisco and Mucho San Diego.

Brick by Brick, 1130 Buenos Avenue. San Diego,
CA 92110-3801 
(619) 275 5483
Doors open at 8 pm/ Showtime 10:00 p.m.

Botellita de Jerez: Immediately following film screening.
EXCLUSIVE - Los Angeles / Film premiere of "Naco Es Chido"
followed by a live performance by the films protagonists, legendary Mexican rock band
Botellita De Jerez + The Mucho Wednesdays DJs
doors are at 7:00p.m.
Film screening begins at 8:00 p.m. at The Echoplex in Echo Park
1154 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 413-8200/

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