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Aug. 3, 2009 - Monte Negro Fugitives Of Pleasure - Pasajeros

Monte Negro Fugitives Of Pleasure - Pasajeros

Monte Negro CD reviewLos Angeles based Monte Negro, the bilingual, bicultural rock ban takes their message to a high standard of artistic accountability and excellence in their new release “Fugitives Of Pleasure / Pasajeros" EP under their very own label, Feed The Hungry Records. They feed their hungry fans large portions of meaty lyrics and wash it down with fluid rhythms and harmonious vocals. If you were not a part of the House of Blues release party on July 23rd in their hometown of Los Angeles. Check their website for a show near you and visit your local record store to hear first hand what this new fresh message and style is about.

Pasajeros” (Lamentos del Imigrante) opens with the rhythm driving beat and pesky refrain “You have forgotten” as a heavy and heavenly reminder to the traveler who has lost his way in life. The song turns on the light to the traveler in the dark, grabs him by the throat and shakes him into a state of spiritual consciousness.

Just as the content of the lyrics smack the sensibility into the head of the traveler, the guitar lyrics give him a swift kick in the pants to thoroughly wake him up. The song is definitely a wake up call.

In the pursuit of a new life the immigrant/traveler is admonished to not forget his faith, his family, and the ever-present reality of death. This song is a call to kindness, love and faith. The vocals are both confrontational and inspirational.

In the song, “Loco por tu amor”, explores the crazy irrational side of love where the singer confronts his own madness in loving someone who breaks his heart. The loneliness and desperation permeate the song and brings back memories in style and content of Mana’s “Loco por tu amor.” When the victim of love declares, “se me acabo la bateria” the evidence of the drain this parasitical relationship has depleted his energy. The song’s perky and percolating beat is both listenable and danceable.

Monte NegroIn “The Message”, Monte Negro comes out with both fist flying and a heavy bass beat underscores the intensity. “I got a message for you. I’ll sing it for you.” When he pleads “so please don’t fuck around” it shows the hybrid polite aggressiveness of the message. 

The spell of loneliness breaking his heart is the source of the anger and confusion that causes him to smash pictures of the girl he loves. The influence of Green Day on the band comes through in the lyrics and the beat of this song.

En “Mundo” the band reminds us of our social responsibility, and a sense of urgency to “conoctate a la fuerza para poder luchar” for the mundo, planeta in peril. The rhythm and the lyrics communicate a sense of urgency in not neglecting the environment at the cost of our children and the next generation. He compares the love we have with people to the love we should have for the earth we share.

In the song “Fugitives of Pleasure” the singer is in search of the emancipation of his soul. Pronounced guilty from the start he looks to music as his vehicle of pleasure. The hypnotic reggae rhythm and beat is reminiscent of Mana’sHechicera” and  the song calls for accountability in it’s plea, “Dime tu quien va a pagar” and closes with a prayer from an immigrant to God asking for the gift of contentment and a green card because in this country he doesn’t feel like he is considered human. The song closes with a benediction to enjoy the good things in life and to remember that we are but dust.

Catch Monte Negro in one of their tour dates

8/02: The Kave - McAllen, TX
8/05: The Parish - Austin, TX
8/07: Enigma Bar - Dallas, TX
8/13: Tony’s Bar - Atlanta, GA
8/14: Club Escandalo - Charlotte, NC
8/15: Chapala Bar - Washington, DC
8/16: D’Antigua - New York City, NY
8/17: Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA
8/20: House Of Blues w/Babasonicos - Houston, TX
8/21: House Of Blues w/Babasonicos - Dallas
8/22: Sam‘s Place - Whichita, KS
8/23: Midland Theatre - Kansas City, MO
8/27: Medalla Yellow Pass Party - Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
8/28: TBA - Puerto Rico
8/29: The Grill - Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
9/04: Junior Ballroom @ Circus Circus - Las Vegas, NV