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Jun. 14, 2017 - So Really Why Arent You Going

So Really Why Arent You Going

By: Fanydemode

Los Angeles, CA | June, 14 2017

The third Ruido Fest is happening this July 7-9 in our sister city Chicago and we are packing our gear already, so really, why aren’t you? What is stopping you? I can’t tell you what stopped me from going the first two years, but I can share the inconsolable regret that followed immediately thereafter. That is the main reason I decided to pack my bags and experience it for myself. No regrets. I finally get to experience what everyone had been talking about, and now I would be so lucky that this time it gathers some of my favorite artists. Gepe, El Guincho, Álex Anwandter, The Wookies, CLUBZ, Camilo Séptimo, Titán, Pedrina y Rio amongst many many others.

Let’s face it, this type of international reach is hard to come by in the US. When do you get to experience acts of such broad representation, and not only geographically speaking. The diversity of rhythms featured in this festival is unique, and when it happens you just must go, or at the very least, try. No matter what part of the US you’re in; CA, FL, NY, NV, AZ, even Texas, with a little organization you can make some ruido of your own in this multifaceted festival.

Here are some helpful tips you can use to plan your trip. Hopefully learning how easy it could be, you too can experience the magic of Pilsen, home of Ruido Fest and a unique expression of art, community, commerce, and voice. 

Frontier & Spirit: You loath them, we know. But both airlines offer ultra low cost flights if purchased one way. Most airlines won’t even allow a complimentary bag, so keep the cost low by traveling light. When you finally board, take advantage of the free peanuts, and don’t splurge. On second thought, who needs salty treats when you got vodka? Right?

Hostels and AIRBNBs are not a place to die, just a place to sleep. Get over your fears of booking your next stay at a hostel. Think outside of the box, and opt for a little experimenting. If you must, ask for female/male dorms or private rooms. Large parties should consider Airbnb since you can rent a house or apartment and split the cost. The key is to locate yourself close to the venue for fast access. Consider staying within 5 miles of Addems Mill Park, to avoid long commutes, and costly car service. Just remember most places don't allow parties or you may get extra charges for the clean-up.

 / Uber it son! Walking or public transportation is highly encouraged. Chicago has a fantastic public transportation network that would literally take you from the airport to your door but since there will be a lot of drinking we recommend to just let someone else do the driving for you. So start sending your invites now to accumulate ride credits.

Beer is not breakfast but maybe brunch? Hangovers are less severe if you stay hydrated & well fed. Google the nearest grocery store & stock up on bananas, apples, trail mix, power bars and water of course. You will thank me when you get to splurge on at least one fancy meal a day with your savings. The neighborhood however does however offer tons of affordable and delicious options such as hot dogs, pizza by the slice, burgers and the almighty, tacos. 

So buy your tix now, compared to other multiday festivals Ruido Fest is totally doable. See you in a few!

Por: Fanydemode