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Mas Musica Festival 2014

Mas Musica Festival 2014

Sep. 10, 2010 - Palenke Soultribe Present Their Latest Video For - Te Veo

Palenke Soultribe Present Their Latest Video For - Te Veo

Los Angeles, September 9, 2010– Palenke Soultribe (PST), the Los Angeles based electroroots collective formed in 2006 by Andrés Zuluaga, Juan Diego Borda and Andrés Erazo, officially releases their latest video: Te Veo’ (feat. Sr. Mendez).

Colombian director, Miguel Navarro, shot the video in the beautiful Colombian capital city, Bogotá, using native actors and authentic locations. Navarro, based in Los Angeles, has directed several noteworthy videos that have received much attention for artists such as Locos Por Juana, Johnny Drett, and others. Navarro explains: “We were searching for a cinematic/documentary feel in which we could show the reality of the character in a beautiful way; the story of a tough guy that could also be a sweet person.”

In the last year, PST’s latest album, ORO, has received recognition and critical acclaim from media outlets and critics alike, such as iTunes “Single of the Week” and high praise from global tastemaker station KCRW 88.9FM, including a spot on their “Top 10 albums of the Year” list.

Palenke Soultribe continues touring, having played many of this year’s top festivals such as Winter Music Conference, SXSW and the 30th Anniversary of Sunset Junction Music Festival in Los Angeles last month along with some dates in their home country Colombia and Mexico to end the year.

WHAT: “Te Veo” PST’s new video
WHO: Palenke Soultribe featuring Sr. Mendez
WHERE: Watch the video now at

Te Veo - Palenke Soultribe (featuring Sr. Mendez) from ANDRES ERAZO on Vimeo.