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Mas Musica Festival 2014

Mas Musica Festival 2014

Oct. 18, 2009 - OriXa with a new set of lungs - Literally

OriXa with a new set of lungs - Literally

OrixaSan Francisco Bay Area, OriXa, one the most sought after Latin Alternative outfits from the Bay Area and the US returns from a 3 year hiatus, performing live on October 24th at the Elbo Room in San Francisco. The Latin Ruckus Crew: Juan M. Caipo/drums, Michael Cavaseno/guitar, Charles Gasper/bass and Rowan Jimenez/vocals and percussion will be unleashing its explosive energy running through songs from the self-titled debut "Orixa", "2012 e.d" and "Siembra" as well as playing for the first time new songs with singer Jimenez showcasing a new set of lungs. 

The end of 2006 took an unexpected turn for the band when co-founder singer/percussionist Jimenez learned that his auto-immune condition known as Scleroderma had manifested in his lungs, thrusting him into a battle for his life. Forced to take an indefinite break, OriXa and Jimenez redirected their attention on finding the clarity, perspective and necessary tools to battle the situation. With the condition progressing at an alarming pace, in July of 2008, Jimenez was placed on the UCSF transplant wait list and just 2 months later, on September 15th Jimenez received a bi-lateral lung transplant at UCSF.

The illness and recovery have been a remarkable journey for Jimenez and the band and just one year after the transplant, Jimenez and the Latin Ruckus Crew are back in full force inspired by a fierce survivalist attitude. If you‘re in too deep the only way to go is deeper. OriXa‘s return to the stage is a spectacle not to be missed.