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Molotov En Riverside

El show de la semana

Molotov En Riverside

Molotov En Riverside


Jul. 13, 2010 - LAMC at El Museo Del Barrio Blows the Roof Off the Rooftop

LAMC at El Museo Del Barrio Blows the Roof Off the Rooftop

King Chango en LAMC latin music alternative conference 2010

Fotografia por Enrique Castillo

LAMC hits the spot with a show on the rooftop of El Museo Del Barrio.  A perfect summer breeze passes through the intimate crowd as Pacha Massive performs against a beautiful view of NYC skyscrapers. Pacha Massive's sultry female vocalist was hypnotizing and melodic.  As her latin, jazz influenced voice flowed to the reggae, cumbia beats, I quickly felt like the roof was really an island and my coke was a mimosa.  Dominican born, Nova, blends in his hip hop-reggae stylings for a smooth, funky ride that gets the crowd in a real sexy grooving mood.

King Chango proved that a 7 year hiatus is well worth the wait when this band’s performance proved to be a musical adrenaline rush of pure body rocking, booty bumping excitement! Vocalist, Venezuelan/American, Blanquito Man, was magnetic as his energy on stage pulled the audience in and didn't let them go until he was done with them.  With each pelvic thrust pumping to the beat of his own drummer, Luis Jesus Ruiz, Blanquito wasn’t afraid to leave little to the imagination.  Such a raw, naughty performance made me feel slightly embarrassed until I saw a grandmother of three, dirty dancing next to me. This was the true beauty of the scene King Chango had created at El Museo.  King Chango's music had something to please everyone's  taste.  With songs like "Sin Ti", Blanquito's voice drives to your soul, filled with passion and sincerity.  "Sin Ti" was even more powerful live. This band cleverly knows how to spread messages ranging from politics to love, through their infectious rhythms. One of my favorite tunes of the night,was about their appreciation for a special plant.  Who knew King Chango were such nature lovers? Guitarist, Miguel Oldenburg, added a rock and roll flair with his bluesy electrical solos to which Blanquito Man went from dancing meringue to headbanging in a spilt second. With their funky horns section, you experience a fusion that is explosive. Ska is not dead because Latin Ska is just starting to erupt.

King Chango en El Museo del Bario

Article Written by Mika Henderson

AKA "Metal Mika" of Sugar & Spikes, a modeling company with a twist. The women of Sugar & Spikes are fearless rock inspired women who create and host theme oriented shows that center around live music, making your rock and roll experience unforgettable with models working the runway while bands rip the stage!

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Por: Mika Henderson