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Mas Musica Festival 2014

Mas Musica Festival 2014

Jul. 8, 2010 - LAMC Rubs Up With The Mercury Lounge

LAMC Rubs Up With The Mercury Lounge

Mexican Rock Band Furland And Their Impressive NYC Debut 

Last night, the Latin Alternative Music Conference brought a fiery lineup of stellar indie bands to the Lower East Side’s most legitimate rock club, The Mercury Lounge.  Perhaps not very well known by American audiences, LAMC is a who’s who of up and coming Spanish-language acts from a vast variety of genres.  From hip-hop to electro-pop, knob rock to hogwash, it’s a truly eclectic musical barometer of what’s going on (and what will be going on) in the world of Spanish-language alternative.  This emerging scene interests me.  So I pre-gamed up at the Pine Tree Lodge, had some beers and smoke, and went to catch me some Latin Rock fever.

I fought through the disorganized entrance where I’d run into some trouble since they were unable to find me on the guest list (this “list” was the size of a telephone book). Eventually we resolved the momentarily heated situation and calmed down over some cold cervezas.  I then made my way toward the crowd, who had packed in to see Furland -- a band that I, the tallest, palest guero in the room, was very impressed by.

Furland is an extremely talented young band.  They blend many different elements and styles of music to create a mix of straight forward, pop-oriented atmospheric rock with touches of psychedelia.  Their opening number (video below) was a powerfully epic Beatles-influenced number complete with a building chorus and “do-do-do” harmonies.  Another set highlight was the folksier “Quiero Ser Un Color”, whose verse reminded me of Dylan’sTonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You”.  This band shows much promise.  I caught up with some members after the show to see what bands influence their very rounded out sound.  “Super Furry Animals…The Zombies…Flaming Lips” stated Bassist Carlos Fernandez, who added about New York City that at first they “didn’t know what to expect, but they really like the place.” 



Asked about what it feel like to play in America, guitarist and frontman Sergio Silva said “It’s feels great to play outside of Mexico only because we’ve been playing down there for four years” where they’ve enjoyed considerable success.  Thinking of broadening the band’s appeal to other countries, Sergio went on, “to play here in New York is even better because it’s like the capital of… of…the capital of Everything!” Hopefully we’ll have many more opportunities to catch them.  Furland's album, Histora De La Luz, is out now on Terricolas Imbeciles Records.


Kevin Rochford is singer and guitarist for the New York band The Dunnie Bobos and a guest contributor to

Por: Kevin Rochford