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Mas Musica Festival 2014

Mas Musica Festival 2014

Aug. 19, 2009 - Battle of the DJs 2009 Cafe Sevilla

Battle of the DJs 2009 Cafe Sevilla

Gil Cerezo KinkyIt had all the tension and emotion of a prize fight. Monday night at Café Sevilla in San Diego, Francisco "Paco" Ayala, bass player for the rap-metal band Molotov faced off against Gil Cerezo, lead singer the group, Kinky. If the battle were mano a mano combat it would be no contest. Ayala, a far stronger, larger opponent would have put him on his back in no time. This was a technological warfare and the playing field was level. In the 2009 Battle of the DJs at Sevilla it was all about who could fill the dance floor.

Both contestants were interviewed before the battle by the staff of Track 78. The crowd gathered round to see their favorite rock star before the competion began. After the last Karaoke singer ended their song, Paco Ayala squeezed his head into the headphones, guzzeled down a Corona and gazed intently at his laptop and began to work his magic. He started and ended his show with Mexican norteña style tunes. In the middle his mixed a potion of tunes ranging from Michael Jackson and The Beatles remixes and Molotov classics. Without question, the highlights of his set were “Puto”, “Frijolero”, “Chinga tu madre”, and a surprise tune by Rage Against the Machine, “Killing in the Name”.

Paco Ayala MolotovGil slipped up to the platform to not break the flow of the night and made his smooth transition. A few minutes into his set some technical problems occurred, shouts of "Culero" were quickly silenced as he regained control and sent people rushing to the dance floor to get their groove on to some very danceable techno tunes. His mix featured Techno, House, and Reggaeton beats. He also did throw in a tune from the King of Pop. A combination of danceable song selection, professional sequencing and an increase in crowd blood alcohol level gave him a strong advantage over Ayala. The crowd voted with their feet and Gil from Kinky clearly won the Battle of the DJs that Monday night. More than a competition it was just a great time for fans of Rock en español to get to see two of their favorites in a different role.

Paco‘s mix was all over the place starting and ending with Mexican nortena style music and highlights of Molotov while Gil had a more Techno/House beat to start and mixed more reggaeton and dance music. The dance floor was much more full with Gil‘s music playing but it may had to do with the increase in blood alcohol level later in the night. The show was good.

For a chance to see Gil and the band Kinky, catch them August 27, 2009 at Canyon Club Agoura Hills, California.

Por: Steve Saylor