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Aug. 13, 2009 - Los Hollywood They gave it at The Office

Los Hollywood They gave it at The Office

Los HollywoodIt was my first visit to The Office in North Park, a newly renovated bar in the heart of North Park, a section of San Diego that is not known for it‘s high class cultural events. This was not the first time I had heard Los Hollywood. They had been the winners of the "Battle of the Bands" a couple months ago in Café Sevilla in the Gas Lamp district. They didn‘t know what was about to hit them.

The room was filled with thought provoking black and white sketches of sexy super-hero drawings hung on the walls. In the all black leather booths were couples and groups waiting for the show to begin. The DJ Rue was spinning a good mix of 90‘s songs from George Michael to U2.

I introduced myself to the promoter from Track 78 and to Gustavo, the drummer for Los Hollywood. He seemed a little stressed about some technical problems with the sound but very enthusiastic about the groups upcoming competition on MTV August 30, 2009.

Los Hollywood did a sound check and then DJ Rue got the party jumping with a few more danceable tunes. When the energy of the room was at it‘s zenith, Los Hollywood took the stage. The three members, Heidi, the lead singer, Gustavo, the drummer, and Marcos on guitar took the stage. The dancers stopped and half the room rushed to the dance floor.

Heidi, the lead singer welcomed the crowd and announced the first song, "Renacer". With a WTF look on their faces, the crowd listened as the small framed singer released an attention getting vocal in two languages, Spanish and English. Apart from singing, Heidi played some guitar on a few songs. Her vocals have been consistently compared to Gwen Stefani of No Doubt. The comparison is justified.

Most of the night, she had the microphone in a stranglehold as she closed her eyes and squeezed out the high notes with passion and precision. Maybe closing her eyes helped visualize a crowd of people who didn‘t have a "what‘s that you said?" look on their face. The guitar and drums provided a driving beat that gave muscle to the high-pitched feminine vocals.

As Heidi pleaded through the lyrics, "Hold me closer", "Dime una cosa" and "Talk to me", the crowd stood there stunned and impressed but fairly unexpressive. She tried to loosen them up with a brief celebration of the Mexico victory over the U.S.A. in soccer. That got some cheers. She later asked for their votes in the upcoming contest on MTV August 30.

The best tunes of the night were "Gira, Gira" and "No te aguites". The last song started out with some intense guitar work that had me scanning my memory bank for Led Zepplin tracks and then when the vocals kicked in, quickly took a new direction. As the song concluded, so did the show. Heidi asked the audience, "So you guys wanna dance?", instead of screaming, "Otra, Otra" they did want to dance and Los Hollywood left the stage.

The lack of applause from the crowd convinced me that most of them came from South Park instead of North Park. Los Hollywood deserved much more love than they got that night and had a few technical obstacles to overcome. In the fast paced, upbeat set they delivered they showed that they are true professionals who will not let a tough day at The Office slow their inevitable rise to the top. If you missed this one you get another chance to her them at these events.

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Por: Steve Saylor