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Molotov En Riverside

Molotov En Riverside

El show de la semana

Molotov En Riverside

Molotov En Riverside


Jun. 9, 2016 - Ana La Mera MeraTrombonera un Vistaso a Los Musicos de Los Angeles

Ana La Mera MeraTrombonera un Vistaso a Los Musicos de Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA | 8 de Junio 2016

El pasado fin de semana, nos encontramos con Ana Maria Beccerra Saavedra, más conocida como Ana La Trombonera en el HQ de Originalmente Ana, fue la ganadora de un concurso de popularidad creado por uno de los programas de radio de, El Skandalo Con La Niña. Sin embargo, Ana ha representado el talento femenino desde su adolescencia y  forma parte de un movimiento bastante fuerte. No podiamos perder la oportunidad de hablar con ella y conocer un poco sobre su experiencia como uno de los músicos mas prometedores en la escena del ska en Los Angeles. 

RKS: De adonde eres?

Ana: Yo soy de Michoacan. Mi mama es de Jalisco y mi papa de Michoacan

RKS: When did you start in the scene?

Ana: I started out playing trombone at 14 and I was in a marching band in high school. I started being in the scene at about 16. It was rewarding transitioning from a band geek to a Ska nerd.

RKS: How would you say that you got into the scene? Un cuate/ valedor, carnal?

Ana: Si, un valedor, mi cuat Marco who played in a band Skabrones. He actually got kicked out of Manuel Arts and went to my school. He said that they actually needed horn players, so that’s how I got started playing for them.

RKS: What has been the most rewarding experience in the music scene so far ?

Ana: The most rewarding thing has to be all the bands I’ve played with, Panteon Rococo, Antidoping, CeciBastida (in the Supersonico), it opened up so many opportunities for me.

RKS: How do you feel about females represented in the (Ska) scene?

Ana: We’re actually coming up, when I first started in the scene it was rare to see girls play instruments like the trumpet, trombone or even the saxophone. I would hardly see anybody, I can actually name the women that were in the scene back then, there was Cinthia, we called her Cin – she played trumpet. There as another female in La Negra Soledad and she played trumpet. Later on I saw Josey, Yaya who was in the Chimpmunkes of Tijuana. There are tons of girls now, we’re coming up!”

The LA ska scene is changing, with bands starting and ending every couple of months, that means sounds start to transition too. Teniamos que preguntar a la mera meraTrombonera, que ha tocado con varias bandas y sonidos fuera de la escena del ska.


RKS: Que piensas de la dirección del sonido del Ska en Los Angeles.

Ana: Well before it was more like two tone ska, now it’s more Ska Core, but it’s going towards Rocksteady. That’s where I see a lot of bands going like The Steadians, Una Mas, even my band, Los Chiles Verdes are gearing more towards Rocksteady.

RKS: El momento favorito antes de subir al escenario?

Ana: Mi momento favorito es el momento antes de tocar. Amo esa adrenalina antes de soplar ese primer suplido es tan satisfactorio cuando veo a la gente bailar o el momento antes de que comienzan a bailar.

RKS: How do you feel about this competition, it is a popularity thing, but do you see it like that?

Ana: It is like that because it’s in our nature, we like to compete, and it just depends on how some girls take it. Me personally, I take it as if we’re trying to mark our place as a female musician, not as a competition as to who looks better or whatever.

Ana has proven to be one of the most well-known females in the LA Skascene, she’s had side projects like Las Rosas de Los Angeles and most recently Los Chiles Verdes, and Roncovacoco, and has performed with the legendary acts such as Panteon Rococo. During the photo shoot, we learned so much more about Ana as a person, she’s very modest and down to earth, far from superficial and definitely keeps it real. Para los que quieran saber, she’s a true musician/ artist in every sense of the terms with a love for la guitarra, el guiro y la piuntura. Fue un honor entrevistar y trabajar con Ana y le decíamos mucho éxito. 


Los Chiles Verdes

Pueden toparse con Ana el domingo 12 de junio en el evento de Dance Ska L.A. Fest 2016
Donde tocara con su banda Los Chiles Verdes
junto a Inspector, Nana Pancha, Viernes 13 y muchos mas.


Hair by: Magali Diaz
Makeup: Paulina Trevino
Photos: La Nina Sin Amor
Writers: La China Poblana / La Nina Sin Amor

Por: La Niña y La China Poblana