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Mas Musica Festival 2014

Sep. 10, 2010 - Terrible Things debut Album in stores now

Terrible Things debut Album in stores now

Terrible things debout album out in stores nowSaludos, greetings and all that stuff. I'm Gina from Doula Music. Us kids involved with Doula were asked to drop by and put in a few words every so often. It's not that we are prolific or poetic, or really that knowledgeable about anything, music especially, but we were asked to submit stuff based on the fact that we go out-and-about A LOT. Truth be told we party like rock stars, although we are very far from it. So, every now and then someone from Doula will stop by and contribute a few words to the cause. Today that someone is me.

In my opinion, supergroups usually suck. They are formed by record labels, and marketing people trying to squeeze every drop of worth out of artists. Terrible Things could easily be considered a supergroup. Comprised of: Fred Mascherino - Guitar / Vocals (formerly with Taking Back Sunday and The Color Fred), Andy Jackson - Guitar / Vocals (Hot Rod Circuit), Josh Eppard - Drums (Coheed and Cambria), supergroup Terrible Things self-titled debut album doesn't suck. Surprisingly. Individually, the members have lots of pop-rock experience, so one could assume that compiling talents would be a good thing. And, as I mentioned, in my opinion, that's usually not the case, but here, it works. Pop-rock usually isn't my thing, but Terrible Things - Terrible Things has just enough real substance to keep me interested.

Check Terrible Things out on their myspace page @ and at

Release Date: August 31st, 2010 Record Label: Universal Motown Records Genre: Rock

Terrible Things

Por: Gina