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Uztar is a unit formed by four cells that cohesively joined in 2001. Rushed with desire and passion, “Mensaje” was introduced as their first CD in late 2001 and it continues to spark the senses throughout North America. Science Fiction plays a big role in the sound, along with distortions and simple, yet deep guitar melodies. Vocals are incorporated as a means to add paradoxical messages: Love and hate. When Uztar joined the emerging Rock en Español scene, it was evident that the band’s sound was unique and well taken by L.A. audiences. Some of the most notable performances include a night at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd., where the band headlined and vacuumed a large group of fans. After taking a long recess, Uztar returns with a great desire to record and release a new record that promises to continue where they left off.

Uztar: Miembros (musicos)

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