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Mas Musica Festival 2014

Mas Musica Festival 2014

Orgullo Cafe

Orgullo Cafe


In the sweltering summer of 1999, a revolutionary new style of music emerged from the hills of Boyle Heights, California. Following their desires and zeal for music, Frank, Louie, Paulo, Oscar and Edgar formed what has evolved into the phenomenon know as Orgullo Café. Drawing from musical inspirations like Bob Marley, The Beatles, The Doors, Led Zeppelin and Carlos Santana, Orgullo Café has developed an innovative style that has captivated an international audience. By fusing a wide variety of genres, including Spanish Rock, Reggae and Hip Hop into their distinctive sound, Orgullo Café has propelled themselves into the forefront of the new generation of non-commercial music. Within a relatively short period of time, Orgullo Café has ascended from playing at house parties to headlining at world-renowned venues such as The House of Blues, The Roxy, The Key Club and The Whiskey A-Go-Go. Their venerated performances combined with an assorted musical style has justifiably earned them a large fan base that has witnessed the band consistently fill houses from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. In addition, Orgullo Café has been invited to appear on local radio stations, such as La Super Estrella 107.1 FM and KPFK 90.7, to promote their rapidly growing independent act. With feature tracks, such as Justas Aggressiones, Pimpon, Aya Por Tijuana, and Nuevo Dia, Orgullo Café possess the uncanny ability convey messages of social significance while providing an entrancing rhythm that will make you dance. Fortunately, this new era of music is just the initial starting point for a band that is destined to take their sound to another plateau.

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