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Mas Musica Festival 2014

Mas Musica Festival 2014

Niña Azufre

Niña Azufre


Forming in 2005, rock quartet Niña Azufre is establishing itself as one of LA’s most promising bands. The bands founding members are Erick Calderon (guitar) and Joe Torres (bass guitar) who on a whim decided to complete a couple of songs that Erick had originally composed. Feeling the need to have a front man for the band, the duo sought out Samuel Torres who would eventually come in as lead singer and lead guitar. Although the trio was beginning to achieve a sound to their liking, they decided to add a fourth element to their grouping. A female keyboardist was brought in to complete the bands sound but after multiple failures to learn the tunes, the keyboardist was let go. Ironically, that same keyboardist would later serve as inspiration for the bands name. In light humor, the bands name Niña Azufre, which translates to girl who suffers, is in homage to her struggling to learn their songs. Beginning the 2006 calendar year with a band name and with a sound that would later have them compared to bands such as Mexican pop-rock Allison, Niña Azufre began touring with musician Leo Machado. They performed at local hot-spots in San Francisco touring all the way down the west coast to Tijuana, Mexico. As the band progressed and with various performance requests from other L.A. based bands and local venues, the band sought a drummer to add the fourth and final element to their group. After a one-year search, Steve Arellano joined the band and with that finalized the current line-up. Niña Azufre recorded an EP in 2007 from which “Prefiero Que” and “Verte Llegar” are fan favorites. They’ve played and toured with some of L.A.’s biggest names like Pastilla, Montenegro, Volumen Cero, Fatima and internationally acclaimed La Gusana Ciega and Disidente performing at prominent venues such as The Westchester Bar and Grill, Knitting Factory, Safari Sams, The House of Blues of Hollywood, The Fox Theater and The Box Underground in Tijuana, Mexico. Niña Azufre’s energetic, on-stage antics landed them a spot in Al Borde Magazine’s Acoustic Sessions opening up for veteran indie band Curanderos whom they played alongside at Grita Radio USA’s launch party at Hollywood’s Knitting factory. Only 4 years after its consumption, Niña Azufre tests the waters with production offers to record their first full-length album. Currently, the band prepares for the release of their first official music video for their song “Verte Llegar”.

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