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Mas Musica Festival 2014

Mas Musica Festival 2014




Folen was formed during the winter of 1999. In the summer of the following year, Folen enters the studio to record their first demo. This independent production marks the beginning of their absolute commitment to form part of the undeniable Latino movement in the city of Los Angeles, and in the same way make an impact with their music. In November of 2001 they competed in the Battle of the Bands of the famed magazine La Banda Elástica and as many surmised, Folen walked away with the award for The Best Band for their song Orbito, leaving behind more than seventeen bands who were after the same prize. In January of 2004 they were awarded once again with first prize in the Budweiser Battle of the Bands from ACA Marketing receiving sponsorships with Budweiser and Vans and a record deal with the independent label, Today’s Music Industry. Folen spent the next 11 months preparing and recording their first cd which will be released in August of 2005.

Folen: Miembros (musicos)

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