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Mas Musica Festival 2014

Mas Musica Festival 2014

A Pretty Mess

A Pretty Mess


A Pretty Mess

In the winter of 2006, A Pretty Mess was born, from a hunger and a need for Dee Skusting to create a band, which would not only voice the fire in her heart, but also reclaim the underground scene. She found this in the shadows of los angeles.Shawn Gatlin’s boisterous lead guitar riffs,
backed by Meghan Mattox (My Ruin, Naked Aggression) on bass and Mel McFail on drums, create an explosive rhythm section that bashes through their set with full authority, Dee Skusting fronts the band with her domineering raw vocals, tying it all up like a well made noose. Defining their own style while keeping their punk rock roots, A Pretty Mess has been described as a fury of good ole head spinning rock & roll. Sharing the stage with many well-known acts, such as D.I, Duane Peters,T.S.O.L, The Mau Mau’s,45 Grave, Throw Rag,The Zero’s, Rezurex, as well as backing vocal’s with Cherri Currie of “The Runanways” on “Cherry Bomb”. A Pretty Mess has recorded their second album "Filthy Poor", are actively playing all over southern California and building their loyal army of followers. This craze of rock & roll rampage will leave you thirsty for more.

A Pretty Mess: Miembros (musicos)

Dmess - Vox y Guitar
Mel-Drums y Back up Vox
Meghan-Bass y Back up Vox

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A Pretty Mess calendario de eventos pasados en
Dom. 14 De Jun. 2009Vive La Lucha

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