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Mas Musica Festival 2014

Mas Musica Festival 2014

Nov. 20, 2013 - Los Labios

Los Labios

Traveling all the way from Sevilla, Spain to do their first American tour are performers that any tasteful music addict will be hooked on.  They are Los Labios/The Lips.  They initiated the tour on Friday, November fifteenth at La Cueva in Montclair, California.  The following night they did another explosive jam session at Rafa's Art Lounge in Los Angeles.  Performing on their final night at Los Globos in Los Angeles, they've made quite an impression on listeners.  Perhaps it's vocalist Sammy Taylor's unique voice, accompanied by such raw finesse movements and stage presence.  Maybe, it is the fiery guitar solos by Alvaro Suite and Charlie Cepeda that ignite the stage with melodies that subtly transcends from the sixties era to the now.  Ricky Candela's smooth grooving base line keeps it all intact as Fernando Reina rhythmically slams the drums with precise textures.  All together, creating pure rock n' roll.  Great music with sexy, edgy ideas.  The U.S. is ready for another dose of Los Labios, but they're off to catch a flight to start their Mexican tour this same week.  It's an insatiable appetite, and the U.S. awaits for more of Los Labios.

Por: Julie Blanco