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El show de la semana

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Oct. 11, 2010 - Cucarockero Ska-p Los estrambos Panteon El chopo Perrozompopo y mas

Cucarockero Ska-p Los estrambos Panteon El chopo Perrozompopo y mas

Ska-p gira por estados unidos 2010The most incredible ska band in the world, Ska-P, is finally returning to the US for the first time since the ‘90’s.  This seminal band from Spain will only be playing three US dates:  NY, LA and San Diego.  Catch them in November.  With few exceptions (like NY’s Kofre, or Riverside’s La Banda Skalavera, Voodoo Glow Skulls), most ska bands en  EEUU lack interesting songs or musical dexterity—this is your chance to learn from the masters.

And speaking of seminal bands, Los Estramboticos have finally completed their tribute CD to all the bands that influenced them when they were first starting out.  The crowds loved their rare LA performance in LA last February, so hopefully they will tour outside México to promote this classic CD release.  In other CD release news, So Cal’s  Enjambre, who are now D.F. residents have signed with EMI, and their latest CD “Daltónico” has been released in México.  No word yet whether it will come out in the states (are you listening Elena?)

Panteon Rococo prepara su gira por europaPanteón Rococó has just booked a 37 date European tour.  Hey, we have far more Latinos in this country than they do in Europe—why can’t bands get that kind of tour here?  Promoters in the US don’t have the cojones.  European bookers will take chances on quality acts, regardless of what language they speak, and they are usually correct and make money (and the audience is satisfied) by their educated gambles on quality talent.  Boy, do we need that mentality in the US.  In more international news, LA’s Cage 9 (who hail from Panama) will be opening for Limp Bizkit in their own home country.  Sweet, guys.

Feliz Cumpleaños to El Chopo on their 30th anniversary.  If you have never visited El Chopo en D.F. on a Saturday, this is a must on your next visit.  Seven blocks of tables, with music lovers of all stripes selling the latest and rare classic music, people swapping in the streets, and artists performing.  There have been discussions of an “El Chopito” in Los Angeles for years, but no one has gotten it together to organize it.  

Perrozompopo en Los Angeles CANicaragua’s Perrozompopo (who is nominated for a Latin Grammy for best alternative CD), with planned appearances around LA, including Club Ember in Anaheim with Velorio and Making Movies, who will be in the middle of their Western States tour, and the Movies guys will be part of a live international webcast from Porky’s in Tijuana Friday, Nov. 12, also featuring Claudio Valenzuela.

New York rockers Sonido Secreto are showcasing their new CD at D’Antigua in early November, while fellow New Yorkers Enemigos del  Suelo, have released their new EP “Fugaz” with “El Soledad” getting airplay as the initial single. And in other New York references, Costa Rican rockers Gandhi will finally be debuting their first US appearance in January in the Big Apple.

DLD are about to begin a tour of Argentina, and hopefully will be re-scheduling the cancelled California shows due to the unfortunate passing of Paco’s mother.  Fobia are returning to the US, but so far only California dates have been announced.  And respected accordionist Celso Piña is also planning a series of West Coast dates with King Chango’s  Blanquito ManInsite and Finde have teamed up for a two month long tour of México October and November.

Mark your calendars—the long anticipated arrival of Los Romanticos del Zacatecas will finally happen at LA’s La Cita November 3.  At press time, no other US dates had been announced. And will the long-rumored Delux show at House of Blues West Hollywood finally happen to showcase their third CD???? Stay tuned next month.

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