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El show de la semana

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Sep. 8, 2010 - The long awaited return of Cucarockero

The long awaited return of Cucarockero

At the risk of spots appearing on young girls undies and dudes doing toast shots of Jaggermeister til they pass out, here it is :

Wow, it is so good to be back home at mi casa  To my many faithful readers who missed my musings on the wonderful world of alternativo, have no fear.  This is the first of many more columns as the news unfolds. 

Division Minuscula en Sunset JunctionFor the first time in many years, Sunset Junction Festival made a SERIOUS commitment to providing the alternativo community talent representation.  División Minúscula, pros that they are, provided a perfect headlining set at the Bates stage (Pictures), and rumor is they may be recording some of their next CD in LA.  Opening for División was Insite, who have awakened a lot of eyes and ears by two stunning House of Blues headlining performances that proved they are a major musical force, and one of the top upcoming bands from México.   But although anticipation was high, this was not one of their better sets.  Keep it to the snappy songs, not the instrumental doodling.  Mexicali’s Moving On played early, but impressed with their energy, while much-vaunted Austin-based Girl  In A Coma can rock when they turn the intensity level to 10, but spent much of their set at 6.

But the true aural treat of Sunset Junction was the amazingly dynamic set performed by Palenke Soul Tribe mid-day (Pictures).  These electro-rockers, turned up the rock side and with special guests Marthin Chan (Volumen Cero, Maleco Collective), Chana, Mister Vallenato, and just performed a masterful set that flowed from beginning to end, featuring songs from Oro, their latest CD.  And that’s just Sunday.  I hear Bad Brains SHREDDED Saturday (Pictures).

And speaking of División Minúscula, they are teaming with Fatima for shows in Chicago and Milwaukee.  LA was awash in excitement for Jumbo’s first local appearance in over four years, and they did not disappoint, with a rousing two hour-plus set that included their classics and newer material. Former baterista Bugs Gonzalez even joined them for a song.  The only sad note was DLD (Dildo) were supposed to be part of the show, but had to cut their West Coast tour short due to family medical problems.

Claudio Valenzuela, the lead singer of Lucybell, has released his first solo CD, with showcases on both the East and West Coasts. Plans for Midwest dates are currently being formulated.  Midwestern rockeros (desde Kansas City!) are planning a fall tour to hit Texas and California, after blowing away Angelinos this Spring with their much-praised show at Fais Do Do.  And the Making Movies guys will not only be opening for Pastilla when they play KC, but recording with them while they are in town.

Keith Sanchez, former lead singer of seminal LA band Stoic Frame has just released his solo CD, featuring the single “Alma Dirigente.”  Keith, who has been booking the live entertainment for Carlos Santana’s restaurants, will begin his US promo tour in October.  Nortec Collective’s Bostich + Fussible  have also released a new CD.

Ely guerra en El Roxy de Los Angeles y Detroit Bar de Costa MesaCongratulations to Ideas Divergentes who are a finalist in ViveTuMusica5, and recently shared a live webcast on with Son Locuaz.  Two artists we have missed for a long time are set to return to LA soon:  Ely Guerra will be playing The Roxy Sept. 29 and Detroit Bar Sept 30 with Pastilla and Gustavo Galindo you can win a pair of tickes for this event here, and Manu Chao has scheduled a West Coast Tour, with planned SoCal appearance at Smokeout Festival with Cypress Hill along with Maldita Vecindad.

And, is it true that original Rolling Stone’s producer Andrew Loog Oldham is now living in Bogatá and producing legendary rockeros  Ratones Paranoicos?  Lot’s of powder on that kitchen table!

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