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Apr. 10, 2018 - Verónica G Schenker y su percepcion de la escena Metalera en España

Verónica G Schenker y su percepcion de la escena Metalera en España

Phoenix, Az. 08 de Abril, 2018

Algunas veces la vida te da sorpresas muy especiales. Hace algunos días tuve la fortuna de conocer a Javi Fornos un Crack del Metal en España. Después de un par de días terminamos hablando de una Mujer impresionante por su manera de percibir lo que encierra el Mundo del Metal.

Ella es Verónica Gutiérrez ( Schenker) Una mujer que en su momento crei que hablábamos de eso una Mujer pero conforme la conversación tomaba matiz, me di cuenta que hablábamos de una Chica de tan solo 13 años que percibe y transmite de una manera impresionante. Porque cuando algo te gusta, no hay manera que algo o alguien te detenga. No importa tu edad, cuando le agarras gusto a algo de verdad, lo vas a tener toda tu vida.

Javi Fornos esta completamente seguro que Verónica a su corta edad tiene mucho que mostrar al Mundo . Su capacidad para escribir no tiene limites , porque sin duda alguna ella habla con el Corazón. Verónica es una Chica que ha revolucionado los medios en España con su seguridad , creativad e inteligencia, ademas de su amor por el genero Metal, hablar de ella ahora mismo en es un placer.

En lo personal , me siento muy contenta de que hayan confiado en mi para dar a conocer un poco mas de ella en Nuestros Medios en Estados Unidos a donde llega nuestra señal a travez de , Gracias Verónica y Javi por la confianza.

Aquí les dejamos un ejemplo de la reseña que Verónica y Javy comparten con nosotros sobre el MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST realizado en Barcelona, España la cual nunca pudo ser publicada en Ingles en España, ni fuera de Europa por el pequeño detalle de su corta edad. Esperemos que no sea la primera ni la ultima colaboración con nosotros ya sea de manera individual o al lado de Javi Fornos y que puedan seguir manteniendonos  al tanto de la escena Metalera en La Madre Patria para poder compartirlos con toodos los seguidores de , Bienvenidos Chicos!

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST By Verónica Gutiérrez y Javy Forno

MICHAEL SCHENKER you’re on earth ... (THANK YOU).

Great night to remember in the memory of all those present on Sunday, October 29. Remarkable entrance high for a concert of these characteristics, a lot of people from all the Spanish geography was presented in the Razzmatazz hall of Barcelona to see this show. The poster already said it, a (MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST). And if it was, a living legend of the guitar was presented with high caliber musicians in Barcelona, nothing more and nothing less with the vocalists GARY BARDEN, GRAHAM BONNET and ROBIN McAULEY, escorted by CHRIS GLEN on bass, TED McKENNA on the drums and STEVE MANN on the keyboards and also on guitar. They were going to play classic tracks of the legend (SCHENKER).

The evening was opened by the French Hard Rock band (HIGHWAY). The influences of this band are very noticeable when you have been listening to a couple of songs. (SCORPIONS, WHITESNAKE, ZZ TOP) etc ... etc ... BENJAMIN FOLCH, BEN, ROMAIN CHAMBERT and SAM MARSHALL liked and won the public shortly after starting their show even many people singing songs of the band and supporting choirs with BENJAMIN, a big download of Hard Rock in all rules and for many of us was very short. After a few minutes of very long waiting because they were very excited about M.S.F / and if they allow me on the part of many until cravings in our ears.

Suddenly the music starts to sound and that is when the great MICHAEL SCHENKER runs out to the stage and puts himself in his place, to the right of the stage, he stands in front of his microphone and with an honest and even magical smile he looks at his beloved and admired fans and that is when most people (if not all) enter a moment of undiminished emotion... And it's meanwhile when they go on stage TED McKENNA (drums) – CHRIS GLEN (bass) and STEVE MANN (keyboards and second guitar)

Mr. SCHENKER shows up and then the intro begins... Yes, we are talking about ... SEARCHING FOR FREEDOM! (A track from his last studio album, Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock - Spirit On A Mission) A magical moment, without a doubt...

Then it's time to start with a MSG classic ... INTO THE ARENA (from the first album, The Michael Schenker Group - 1980) You could clearly see that the people were very excited... After that, MICHAEL introduces the first singer that comes on stage, we talk about the original vocalist of MSG .. yes, mr. GARY BARDEN ! He goes on stage, greets the audience and begins with one of his great classics ... a song from the second album of MSG - MSG (1981) We are talking about ... LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE A wonder to be able to listen to this song live, 80's sound ...

We continue with another song from his debut album (The Michael Schenker Group - 1980), nothing more or nothing less than one of his greatest hits, and no wonder, CRY FOR THE NATIONS !! A round of applause for STEVE MANN, has undoubtedly shown what it's worth... They’ve played this track in an incredible way, really moved the audience to the first time of MSG, the beginning of the 80's.

But the show goes on, and there goes one of his best songs, without a doubt the SCHENKER song, our Mad Axeman, yes, the impressive MSG song from his second album, MSG (1981), the unbeatable... ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN !!!!!! With this tune, the whole audience was moved, not only because of its quality, that certainly, but also because of the positive energy that they gave off, SCHENKER could be seen that he really loved being there and being playing that track, even they were excited and full of happiness for the moment, something indescribable with words, just live the moment and see the musicians could say what many of us felt there.

And it's time for another great hit, another great MSG classic (another tune of his 1980 debut album)... We talked about a track that we all know and couldn’t miss, of course... the show had to continue, so we had to be armed and ready... it's time to ... ARMED AND READY !!!!!

This track left us all speechless, for many to see this song live with the original vocalist was a dream come true. (For me included, I couldn’t contain more the tears of emotion)

We wanted more, yes ... And we didn’t want GARY to leave... but MICHAEL had more, and this time he played one of his classics of his time with SCORPIONS, specifically the album Lovedrive (1979) COAST TO COAST...!! This tune was one of the successes of the night, people were vibrating, everyone jumped, no doubt that they had won the audience fast, and all the people were humming every chord of the song, and even MICHAEL could see on his face that he was also enjoying. Many wished that this track had lasted all night, but it was time of the next vocalist, nothing more and nothing less than... GRAHAM BONNET!!!! MICHAEL introduced him and then he greeted the audience and they started playing one of their classics... DESERT SONG!! (Assault Attack 1982) Every time all was getting better, and people didn’t stop enjoying, time flew... It had certainly been magical to see this track live. And we can say that it was a privilege to be able to see MICHAEL and GRAHAM live together, because GRAHAM wasn’t on the Assault Attack tour, GARY BARDEN replaced him on the tour, they didn’t play live, so that made the concert much more interesting.

We continue with another song of this master album, his great hits... DANCER !!!! GRAHAM introduced ROBIN McAULEY and GARY BARDEN and both came on stage to sing this song together, and that's when ROBIN appeared for first time. ROBIN and GARY stood in front of TED's drums, side by side. And GRAHAM in front, moving around the stage... It was really impressive, without words... The people applauded without stopping. The two vocalists leave the stage and leave GRAHAM in front of the audience, now it was time for another song from his album with MSG (Assault Attack) and the song is called ASSAULT ATTACK...!!!! Wonderful, magical, impressive, masterly, or whatever you want to call it, but this song is a jewel, and in the concert they showed it, the people vibrated non-stop, we were all excited... and with this GRAHAM says goodbye to us (for now)

The people weren’t tired, and the musicians of MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST neither, they had more, and it was time to play a song of their masterful but underrated album Built To Destroy (1983) so here we go with another instrumental, and it’s called... CAPTAIN NEMO !! Oh Yeah, this can’t get better... Captain MICHAEL gave everything on stage, each note played perfect, proved to be a god of the guitar while make us cry tears of enthusiasm and excitement. But it isn’t over, MICHAEL introduced the third vocalist ... Mr. ROBIN McAULEY!! Even though the McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP era has been the most criticized, ROBIN made us take our hats off ... this part of the show begins with a song from the first album by McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP (Perfect Timing - 1987). .. NO TIME FOR LOSERS !!!!!!! Well, as the same title says, No Time For Losers (No Time To Lose) so there was nothing to talk about, people were enchanted with ROBIN, what a wonderful track... impressive !!!

We continue with a song from the most successful album by McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP (Save Yourself - 1989) as we go with the title track of the album... SAVE YOURSELF !! MICHAEL starts with an introduction that leaves you open-mouthed, you get paralyzed because of the emotion and you just can hear him playing, and then CHRIS, STEVE and TED come in to reed with the rhythmic base... A track that everything you say isn’t enough, of what will never be able to compose again, with this they have already demonstrated who they are, people can’t stop applauding them!

The show doesn’t stop, let's go with another Save Yourself song and that's where our guys come, the track is ... BAD BOYS!!!!! A track that broke the ice completely, won the people at all, live this track is spectacular, and the audience was so excited, everyone was singing the song, magical moments... And after all this, ROBIN told his audience ... I've got something to say you (Love is not a game)!! And with this begins the song LOVE IS NOT A GAME (from their great album Perfect Timing) ROBIN went even closer to the audience and shaked his hand to the people while he sang, his voice was impressive, and more so was his charm with people, what a wonder! The song moved the audience, and it wasn’t for less...

Unfortunately, the repertoire of McAULEY SCHENKER was over, but it was time for the much-anticipated track of UFO (Phenomenon - 1974), the first UFO album with MICHAEL SCHENKER... it was time for one of the songs with the best guitar solo in the universe... ROCK BOTTOM..!!!!! ROBIN sang the song, and the truth was that it can be said that ROBIN sang it perfectly, how magical is this artist! MICHAEL started his wonderful guitar solo, the audience couldn’t contain the emotion, he showed that he is the god of the guitar, without doubt!!!

Without knowing, the end would come, there was the final trace of the night, I'm talking about Doctor Doctor, UFO song (Phenomenon) This was when the 3 singers returned to the stage, each one sang a phrase or a stanza and some all together, they made something from another world, once again, they got us on our knees. Even singing GARY, GRAHAM and ROBIN, the voice of the audience had more and more strength, you gotta see it to believe it, master class and to mourn, a legend, a guitarist who is hardly of this planet, it’s simply MICHAEL SCHENKER a ROCK legend. Unfortunately we suffered a cut in the show (missing three UFO tracks: Lights Out - Lights Out album 1977 - Shoot Shoot, Force It album, 1975 and Too Hot To Handle, Lights Out album, 1977)

Many of us are already accustomed, unlike Pamplona, there they made a complete show without problems, in Barcelona they left those 3 songs, hall schedules, and the thousand stories of always, even MICHAEL himself apologized for it, it’s incredible that even today in day promoters bet for this kind of events, are things that you may not see again in your life, the negative notes of the big night because the issue of schedules and young people could count with the fingers, the usual, the old school, guard, tell ‘em as you like, they don’t usually fail in these shows, sometimes unique. And the positive is that all of us who were there even the musicians are teens, at least in spirit, as demonstrated by MICHAEL ... (a whole teen)

- Thank you very much from deep inside to the all the band, I’ll remember this show forever and ever for the rest of my life.

Set List, MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST (Razzmatazz 1, Barcelona, Spain – 29/10/17)

1. Searching for Freedom

2. Into The Arena

3. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

4. Cry For The Nations

5. Attack Of The Mad Axeman

6. Armed And Ready

7. Coast To Coast

8. Desert Song

9. Dancer

10. Assault Attack

11. Captain Nemo

12. No Time For Losers

13. Save Yourself

14. Bad Boys

15. Love Is Not A Game

16. Rock Bottom

17. Doctor Doctor


Por: Gaby Ruelas